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Do you have a log cabin or second home that needs some sprucing up? Blue Heron Design-Build is your source for complete home remodeling needs. When you love your home and its location, but find you need some changes to improve energy, or modernize the home, a home remodel is the best option. We can take your home to a new level through unique home remodeling methods.

An old log home or cabin can be a real strain on your emotions; you have so many memories that you never want it to go, but something needs to be done to make it a place of comfort again. A remodel may be your best bet…. Assess the needed repairs for your log structure, providing a framework to help you create a realistic remodeling budget and pinpoint which items will make the biggest impact. Next, prioritize the list and develop a time frame for your log home remodel. When making structural, plumbing or electrical modifications, check with your local government for required building permits and other mandatory, building-related regulations. All of this can be done for you by Blue Heron Design-Build. Here are a few ideas to help make your log haven like new again.

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Exterior Remodeling

Before you start, remove the clutter and overgrowth around a log home’s exterior, discard broken or non-essential items. This will provide you a clean slate for beginning exterior remodeling. Typical structural items that need repair like the roof, foundation, windows, crawlspace, and walls will need attention before embarking on cosmetic updates. Consider chinking your exterior logs and a fresh stain to refresh and wake up the outside of your log structure. Refresh an exterior front door with a bright paint color; vibrant reds and yellows can make a huge impact here. Other ways to add color and depth to your exterior log home remodel are by adding window boxes brimming with greenery and colorful blooms, a covered porch or deck, wooden window shutters and a flagstone pathway leading up to a front door.

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Consider an Addition

Do you need more room in your existing log structure to accommodate a growing family? Consider expanding the footprint of an old cabin by making a few structural modifications. For example, adding an extra bedroom, bathroom or gathering room to an existing cabin or log home increases its available living space. I would call us and Blue Heron Design-Build first, but knocking down a non-load-bearing wall between a kitchen and living area creates a more spacious, open-concept look and feel. We can also help by updating a cabin’s plumbing and electrical systems that may be necessary to comply with government home ordinances. Installing ceiling fans, a hot water heater and a new heating and cooling system can make an old cabin more comfortable. A simple updating of old bathroom and kitchen fixtures will convey a fresh, modern appeal.

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Become More Energy Efficient

An old log home or cabin can really hit the pocketbook when it comes to utilities, installing energy-efficient updates can help lower these costs and provide more overall comfort. For example, install solar panels to harness the sun’s energy to provide electricity. Exchanging single-pane windows for double- or triple-pane replacements can help to insulate a structure’s interior spaces, especially in colder locations like Island Park, ID and West Yellowstone, MT. Installing large, south-facing windows can provide unobstructed views to the outdoors while allowing warm sunshine to stream inside. A lot of our clients like installing efficient, radiant-floor heating to keep the inside of their home or cabin warm when it’s freezing outdoors. Lastly, updating appliances, fireplaces and even upgrading to LED lighting solutions can also have a dramatic impact on increasing your energy efficiency.

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Making Your Remodel Easier

A home remodel is a stressful process for several homeowners. At Blue Heron Design-Build we understand how daunting the remodeling process can be, which is why we work swiftly to complete your remodel in a timely manner. Bring us your list of questions so we can provide you with answers and come up with a remodeling solution that suits your needs. Call Blue Heron Design-Build today!

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