Structures of Log Cabins

There are many aspects that can change the appearance of a log cabin. Different cuts of logs, different styles, and different basic structures can all contribute to the overall appearance and utility of your log cabin. Due to the array of choices, it may be best to consult with a professional when planning your custom log cabin. Here is a brief overview of some types of log cabin structures.


A full-scribe cabin is made of logs that are stacked horizontally. They are very durable and energy efficient. Full-scribe cabins can typically be produced very quickly. Full-scribe cabins have a traditional appearance, though they are usually more expensive than other types of log cabins. Because the structure is entirely made from logs, the logs will need to settle over the first few years, which will require adjustments. Special procedures must be followed for any plumbing, electrical, and carpeting needs.

Post and Beam

Post and beam cabins use logs as a structural support. These cabins provide a mix of modern and log styles, which allows for extreme flexibility of design. A post and beam cabin is constructed with vertical logs that carry horizontal logs on the top. It is then in-filled with conventionally framed 2×6 walls, cinderblocks, or straw bales. Post and beam cabins are energy efficient and require little maintenance. They are less expensive and easier to wire than full-scribe cabins.

Timber Frame

Timber frame cabins are designed using a horizontal structure that is held up by timber posts. They are cut into a square profile, while post and beam cabins use a rounded profile. There is minimal visibility of exterior logs in a timber frame cabin, but they are seen more clearly on the inside. Timber frame cabins can be created with flexible designs. Similarly to post and beam cabins, timber frame cabins are less expensive and easier to wire than full-scribe cabins.

Choosing the right cabin structure is largely a matter of style preference. Certain types may be preferable in different areas. For example, full-scribe cabins are recommended when built in an area with harsh weather conditions, due to their added durability. To learn more about the right cabin structure for you, contact us at Blue Heron Design-Build Inc. today!

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