External Cabin Maintenance

A cabin must be maintained in the same manner as a regular home. However, there are a few differences between the maintenance of a home and the maintenance of a log cabin. These differences are mainly external, due to the materials that are used to build a cabin. Cabin maintenance must be performed regularly to prevent much larger issues from occurring.

Take a Walk

You should walk around the exterior of your cabin at least twice a year to assess its overall condition. Ensure that you pay special attention to areas that may have sustained water damage. Make any needed repairs before they become worse.

Cleaning and Sealing

Ensure that you clean any areas where mold or mildew may have grown. Ridding the building of the mildew will help to prevent a larger infestation from occurring. Sealing any visible cracks with caulk will prevent access to water and insects. Not only will this help protect your cabin, but it will also provide extra insulation that will improve your cabin’s energy efficiency.


You can check the functionality of your cabin’s staining by spraying water onto the logs. If the water beads up and runs down, the staining is still performing its function. If it does not, the cabin will have to be re-stained for maximum protection.

Check for Termites

Termites can be absolutely devastating to your cabin, which is why you must check for termites regularly. Termites look like ants with white wings. Common signs of termites include:

If you suspect termites, you can tap on the area. Tapping on termite-damaged wood will produce a hollow sound. Good wood will not produce this sound. Catching termites early on can help prevent extraordinarily expensive repairs.


Gutters are especially important because of the potential of water damage to the wood. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your cabin has gutters. You must also regularly check to make sure that the gutters are clean and in good repair.

Regular cabin maintenance can prevent much more severe problems from occurring. Prevention is a much cheaper alternative to repairs. For more information about exterior cabin maintenance, contact us at Blue Heron Design-Build Inc. today.