Exterior Painting and Staining

Blue Heron Design-Build provide full-service painting and staining for your home or commercial building. We have proudly been serving the residents of Island Park, Big Sky, MT, and surrounding areas for several years. Our team prides themselves on delivering the best in interior and exterior painting solutions. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your home or commercial property.

Our Exterior Painting/Staining Method

We specialize in both residential and commercial exterior painting and staining. Each client will meet with a designer to select the correct paint or stain color to enhance your property. Once you are prepared with the color, we will select a date to come to your home and get started. Each job is handled individually with care and professionalism.

Blue Heron Custom Homes

When Should You Paint Your Home

It is important to select the best time of the season to paint your home to prevent the paint from peeling. Painting when it is too cold can lead to drying issues as the paint will not bond properly. The ideal weather conditions to paint your home are approximately 70°F and partly sunny. Paint can start drying in lower temperatures, but the moisture with snow and rain can cause problems. We will suspend working on your home if the forecast of rain is greater than 50%. We do carry the top name brands in the painting industry, but we can special order a paint select of your choice if needed.

Preparing the Surface for Painting or Staining

We see a large majority of cabins that need to be re-stained and sealed. To start work on any surface, we always power wash the area with an environmentally safe detergent. Upon cleaning the property, we will begin the staining and sealing job. If you plan on painting the exterior of your home, we recommend sitting down with our experts to discuss different painting options. Here are some things to remember when painting the exterior of your home: Single colors can give the home a fresh look, but two-toned tend to help the colors stand out more. Avoid selecting colors that clash with the neighborhood if you want to maintain a uniform look. When choosing a color, look at the shingles or siding material on the home as it could clash with the new color. Bright colors stay longer in colder climates, which helps your house stand out in the neighborhood. If you have additional painting questions about exterior painting/staining, contact Blue Heron Design-Build today.

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